Travel Tuesday- Hamptons Edition

“We sent out the SOS call
It was a quarter past 4 in the morning
When the storm broke our second anchor line
Four months at sea 4 months of calm seas to be pounded
In the shallows off the tip of Montauk point…”

– Brand New, Play Crack the Sky

I have to start keeping up with this blog!

So today, in honor of our upcoming roadtrip home to Lawn Guyland I thought I’d do a Travel Tuesday. Hopefully this is something that I can keep up on “the reg” because I have such wanderlust that travel is always on my mind.

A little bit about my hometown: I was fortunate enough to grow up on a beautiful island, never more than 5 minutes away from the Atlantic, in a sleepy little town called Hampton Bays. And while, yes, it is technically party of “the Hamptons”, HB’s year round residents are not the celebrities and uber-rich that this part of New York is known for. We are the teachers, the landscapers, the small business owners, and the waiters that make your vacation to our reality a relaxing, fun-filled time.

It is only recently that I have truly appreciated what a magical place Hampton Bays was to grow up in. And while I used to complain about the winters there (when our populations shrink by half and the aforementioned small business shut their doors until next season) and cite the lack of things to do as my reason for moving away, it is exactly those things that I miss the most.

Growing up with nothing to do on a Friday night when you’re 16 but drive a friend’s car to the top of a dune, park and roll down the windows so you can listen to the waves? The stuff a lot of people only ever dream about.

So this post will not be your typical, touristy things to do in the Hamptons, but rather I’m going to tell you my favorite things as a local. I hope you enjoy!

Itinerary for the upcoming trip:

Night 1: Leave Chicago directly after work- drive until we can’t drive anymore and stop probably somewhere in Ohio.

Day 2: Leave overnight-stop early in the morning and drive to Brooklyn- where we’ll see B! (our friend who just moved to NYC). Have dinner in Brooklyn and continue out to L.I. with B in tow. Hopefully arrive somewhere around 9/9:30pm.

Day 3: Head to the beach with a bagel and an iced tea! Dinner with family.

Day 4: Boardy Barn? (more on that later) Beach

Day 5: Birthday! Dinner with family, tattoos with my sister! and probably more beach (can you tell I miss it?)

Day 6: Flight back in the evening. Drink 4 gallons of iced tea to get my fill until next time.


1. Go to the beach. We have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and every town has at least 5. I’m not a huge fan of bay beaches, although we have plenty of bays, and much prefer the ocean, so we’ll probably spend all of our free time there.

2. Get an iced tea. Believe it or not, Long Island Iced Teas got their start in a non-alcoholic drink. Not quite as sweet as the South’s sweet tea, it’s best to get yours in a 44oz Styrofoam cup and I can guarantee that even that won’t be enough it’s so addictive. J & I can each drink 2 or more a day when we’re home. Shout-out to Pete’s Deli on Montauk Highway! The owner, Lucy, makes the best iced tea out of all 6 delis in my hometown. (Excuse the mess in the background- my family brought me iced tea when I was visiting upstate NY this weekend and I drank it at my aunt’s birthday party which was at a restaurant haha)

20150712_151747 (1)

3. Eat ALL the pizza and bagels. Along with the plethora of delis in Hampton Bays, we also about 5 pizza places and a separate bagel shop called Bagel Place (formerly Bagel Palace). Must get my fill of these because Chicago’s just can’t even compare. Favorite pizza place is Francesca’s right off Main St across from the Post Office. You HAVE to try the ziti pizza- that’s right, they literally put baked ziti on a slice of pizza with a sesame seed crust. *(Wipes up puddle of drool)*

4. Eat a ton of seafood.  I know, a lot of my things to do have to do with food (#chonchis4lyfe) but food is one of those things that is very tied to my memories of L.I. Being only 5 minutes from the Atlantic or a bay, we have such great seafood and it’s dirt cheap so… My favorite spots for seafood currently are Sunday’s on the Bay, Oakland’s and Rumba (all in Hampton Bays)

5. Drive out to Montauk and watch the sunrise. The town of Montauk is the most eastern point of the island (and maybe one of the most eastern points of the US?) and if you wake up suuuuppperrr early. You can catch the sun rising there before the light even touches any other part of the island. The best place to do this is at the lighthouse, overlooking the ocean… Talk about breath taking. Montauk itself is a very adorable town, filled with beach resorts, so while you’re out there take the time to explore!

6. Walk around Southampton/Westhampton/ East Hampton village. All of our little towns are so cute and have plenty of boutiques and little parks to explore. The boutiques can be a bit expensive but are always fun to look around.

7. Go to a night club. The Hamptons have plenty of day-beach clubs and night clubs if you’re into that kind of stuff. Many of the clubs in towns like Southampton and East Hampton are frequented by celebrities but there are many more more suitable for locals. The Boardy Barn is one example- dollar beers, only open on Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day, it is known for being a place where you can go hang out with your friends from high school and just get trashed. Ironically, I worked in my grandpa’s pharmacy next door for 5 years but have never been. Thinking this might be the trip to try it!

That’s all for now! Hope you liked my first Travel Tuesday. Thanks for reading and cheers to a post-beach bronze next week!

– Mally