Frostie the Snow-emby


Introducing, the one, the only- Frostie! Hopefully currently nestling her way into a cozy spot in my uterus where she’ll stay for the next 9 months. (Again, I don’t know that it’s a “she” since we didn’t do genetic screening, I just have a feeling. ūüôā )

As you can see, we survived “The Thaw”, which was a great fear of mine,¬†and made it through Transfer Day.¬†On Monday morning, we woke up nice and early and made our way to our ¬†favorite¬†pre-treatment breakfast spot, The Goddess and the Grocer. It’s ¬†been our tradition to go get breakfast there on the morning of any treatment so it was a great way to start the¬†day- if you’re in Chicago, you MUST try their maple bacon egg sandwich! At around 8:30, we crossed the street and arrived at the clinic for our 9am appointment.

Now, if you’ve ever had a transfer done, you know that they require you to have a full bladder for the procedure to allow them to get a clear picture of your uterus… And you also know that this is probably one of the most uncomfortable parts of the whole procedure. Otherwise, it’s a piece of cake. I’d had a large cup of hot apple cider (warm uterus + no caffeine = happy embaby!) and a 32+ oz bottle of water to make sure that my bladder was perfectly full by 9am… Well 9am came and went, 9:15 came and went, 9:30… They didn’t call us back into the procedure room until 10 o’clock. By that time I was super uncomfortable. So I asked the nurse if I could empty out a little bit. She gave me a cup to go in but didn’t explain that I could fill it! So I only emptied a little, fearing that if I did too much, it’d delay the procedure.

Another 15 minutes go by and I’m back in the room¬†now EXTREMELY uncomfortable. To the point of tears. Jon was such a sweetheart and went out of the room to ask them to hurry up or if I could go again. The nurses assured him I was next so if I could just hold it a little longer. Another 5-10 minutes went by…when you have to pee that’s an eternity. Finally the nurse came in and saw my tears and immediately whisked me off to the bathroom- “We want you to be relaxed! Not uncomfortable enough to have tears!”- where she explained that I could empty a FULL CUP. Well geez, had you told me before…

I walked back to the room MUCH more comfortable and then the rest of the crew came in. Just like before, the embryologist came in to confirm who we were and how many we were transferring, they propped me up, put her up there on the big screen- What a movie star!- sucked my embaby up into the catheter and *flash!*, it was over. The ultrasound tech gave us this picture, after she was placed in there:


That little white dash? That’s her! As you can see from the picture on the title- Frostie was already starting to hatch out of her shell for implantation, which is very exciting! After all was said and done,¬†¬†we went home to rest, making a pit stop at Trader Joes to get some pastries and for Jon to buy me flowers (Awww!). I spent the rest of the day watching Netflix with hubby in bed and then we went out for a very relaxing and delicious dinner that night.

Tuesday I returned to work since I have a desk job that doesn’t require much movement and had acupuncture afterwards. I had to do my PIO shot that night and change my patches- I’m getting so much better at self administering the shot! I felt a little light headed all day and¬†like a little… Idk, heavy? down there but otherwise no symptoms to write home about.

Today I am symptom spotting like a motherf-er. I had a nose bleed this morning… I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a nosebleed in my life and my ¬†uterus is DEFINITELY sore today.¬†I am constantly aware of it and it’s not because I’ve been thinking about it all day because I’ve had a pretty busy day at work… (sigh) Now I’m rambling.

Anyway, feeling pretty optimistic overall! I will likely test before my beta because I don’t want to be¬†completely surprised but not until next week. I did not do a trigger shot so no HCG in my system and if I test it will be the real deal.

Hopefully my next update will bring good news!

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