Transfer- Confirmed!

I’m seriously so bad at keeping up with my posts this time around. Last time I updated, I had just started 10 units of Lupron. A lot has happened since then- yesterday I took my last Lupron injection, and today I did my first progesterone in oil (PIO). I’m less than a week away from transferring our Frostie now- October 10th is the big day!

Recap of this cyle:

Days 1-10: 10 Units of Lupron. Those Lupron side effect headaches are no joke.

Days 11-25: 5 Units of Lurpon + Estrace + Baby Aspirin and Minivelle patches. No side effects other than the icky residue from the bandaids and some itchiness at the Lupron injection sites.

Today all the way until beta on the 20th- Estrace, Baby Aspirin and the patches + Endometrin 3x daily plus PIO every other day.

Feeling like a badass right about now… Jon isn’t going to be home on the nights when I need to do the PIO injections so I have to give them to myself IN THE A**.And can you just look at these needles! That WHOLE THING has to go in. It’ll be all worth it if I have a little one in my arms at the end.


First one went off without a hitch! Just a bit of discomfort and now I’m resting comfortably on my heating pad and watching some Netflix. The ultimate Netflix and chill.

I’ve also been doing acupuncture 1-2 times a week. My acupuncturist is a hilariously awkward dude in Chinatown who speaks with a very thick Chinese accent and yet, likes to practice his Spanish on me (after I told him my mom is Puerto Rican). Actually quote:

“AH MALLORY! Como estas?! You hold one minute… I have other girl… She, uh, she doesnt speak Spanish uh even though she look like she do. (giggles softly to self)”

So funny and awkward. I’ll have one session with him on Saturday and one on Tuesday, just after transfer and he’s been having me take a Sikie Black Chicken supplement that he said many Chinese women take. He said it won’t interfere with my other hormones so, why not! (And to date, he’s right, everything has been perfect during my monitoring appointments.)


I’m desperately trying to be positive that this will be our unicorn baby, but it’s pretty terrifying to think that this is our one and only shot before I’d have to do another retrieval. I’ve honestly felt pretty detached from this whole process this time around and like I’m just going through the motions. I can tell even Jon is slightly less excited & hopeful this time. We hardly talk about it and when we do, its not without trepidation. Hopefully Monday it’ll all sink in and I get to experience that rush like I did the first time.

I don’t think I’ll be testing until much closer to my beta this time around. I took a half-day this time around so that when I get the results, I’ll be by myself to let it all sink in- for better or for worse.

I’ll update again after transfer! I’ll have a lot of time on my hands while I’m lounging around praying for implantation. 😉

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