Lupron Day!

Today’s the day!  I’ll be starting 10 units of Lupron tonight between 6-9pm. So crazy! I can’t believe it’s here. I’m, yet again, super nervous and excited all at once. Here’s what my schedule will look like for the next month and a half: (For reference, I started birth control pills on August 4th to put me in a “holding pattern” until I was ready to start this cycle.)
-Today! Start Lupron 10 units between 6 & 9pm continue through Sept 19th
-Last day of BCP Sunday Sept 11th
-“Baseline” Sept 20th (Await instructions on meds for that night, probably continue the 10 units)
-Sept 21st: Decrease Lupron to 5 units on the 21st and add in Estrace (2mg Tablet Orally), Minivelle (1 patch switched out every other day) and baby aspirin
– Monitoring appointments on Sept 27th (increase minivelle to 2 patches and then 4) & October 4th(decrease minivelle back to 2)
– October 5: Stop Lupron, start Endometrin 3x daily and progresterone in oil every other day along with Minivelle, Estrace & baby aspirin
– October 10- TRANSFER! Same meds
– October 20- Beta!

Yesterday hubby and my mother in law picked Frostie up from her temporary home out in the suburbs and moved her to our home office here in the city. I wasn’t able to go because I couldn’t afford to take another day off of work but he said the journey was uneventful. (He specifically wanted to take my mother in law’s car because she has a BMW SUV which he says would make him feel more safer than our little Prius C.) This goober of course had a few jokes to tell- only he could come up with a joke about transferring a frozen embryo from one facility to another. Apparently when he went into the office with the canister, the receptionist asked “Can I help you?” and Jon responded with “Yeah, is this the drop off for daycare?” and held it up for  her to see. HA! I hope Frostie inherits his sense of humor 🙂

Here’s daddy and baby’s first picture together! (The first of millions I hope)


Wish me luck! And let the rollercoaster ride begin!

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