It’s Been A While

Hey all!

So it’s been a while since I last posted and I figured I should update.

This morning, I had my hysteroscopy to rule out any uterine problems on my part that were standing in the way of implantation. Happy to report, we’re all clear! (If you’re squeamish, or if this is TMI for you, I apologize in advance. )

We arrived at the clinic promptly at 7:30 this morning and waited a while before they took me into the OR but once again, anesthesia is a beautiful thing and I was out like a light. I actually woke up and said “Is it because of the medicine I feel so sleepy? … Oh wait, it’s over?!” I was lucky enough that Jon didn’t have to go into work until this afternoon so he was there with me the whole time. The doctor found that I didn’t have a polyp towards the opening of my uterus like he suspected I might and that the indent in the top that he also thought might be worth checking out/shaving really wasn’t. I had a few little not-quite-polyps that he removed and that was it! Recovering today has been a little rough. I’m even more sleepy and sore than after retrieval but not to the point where I think it’ll take me all weekend to recover.

We went out to breakfast afterwards (I’m doing another Whole30 so just eggs over easy, hashbrowns cooked in olive oil and bacon for me) and then went home and I watched a few episodes of Jane the Virgin. I took a nap and woke up to my nurse from the RE’s office calling… And… *drumroll please*

Looks like we’re starting FET protocol NEXT WEEK! She’s going to work on my schedule and I should have it by Tuesday! Since I’ve already been taking BCP to prepare, she’ll put in the order for any meds I might need (still have Lupron from last cycle that I didn’t use so that’s one thing off the list) and we’ll get the ball rolling. Thursday Jon’s going to pick up Frostie to bring her to our home office- yes that’s right, they have you transport it yourself in a little tank- so I’m pretty excited about that. Frostie’s first car ride! lol

A few other women in my support group are starting IVF cycles this month as well. Hoping that we’ll all have a due date near each other, how amazing would that be?! To be honest, it’s also a little terrifying for the little voice in the back of my head that’s saying, “What if you get left behind again?” But I’m trying to stay positive and send all that positivity straight down to the area below my belly button. 😉 Transfer is looking like it’ll probably be towards the end of the month or early October with the projected 4 week timeline.

Please please please let little Frostie be the one!

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