Post IVF Consult & A Diagnosis

Today we had our post IVF consult with the new RE to talk about next steps. I was very nervous about having to go by myself since Jon was at work but it worked out fine. After having a fantastic weekend with my friends who were visiting from out of town, I was a little “under the weather” and struggled through a few hours at work before getting to leave for my consult.

My new RE is really great- I already like him better than my previous RE. Right off the bat, he gave us a diagnosis, which, not going to lie, I was very surprised to hear.

“I’m so sorry your IVF cycle didn’t work out, I understand that you did IVF because of sperm issues?”

Oh really? Dr (X) didn’t really specify what our issue was…

“Yes, based on your sperm analysis and the samples for your IUIs and actually the IVF, I would say that is the main problem we are facing…”

Since my cycles are very regular, I respond well to all the medications and all my tests have come back normal, he proceeded to walk me through the samples. The samples showed that, unfortunately, at one point or another each of the three main categories- count, motility, and morphology- were pretty low. He confirmed that doing ICSI for our cycle had been the right thing but that even then the morph in the sample was noted by the embryologists to have been abnormal. To be honest, I was pretty angry as he was telling me this. My previous doctor had specifically said that she was “not worried” when I asked about the low numbers but as soon as I heard the stats from each, consecutively as he was reading them, it was pretty obvious to me. So that’s it, we have been diagnosed with male factor infertility (MFI). Just one more thing to confirm that we made the right decision staying with the clinic and staff there rather than follow her to her new clinic.

Once that was out of the way, he asked a few questions about how we would like to proceed.  I told him that Jon is leaning towards an FET but that I was on the fence about doing another retrieval and fresh transfer or giving Frostie her turn. Given that Frostie is a quality embaby, we are still young and that my reserves are good, he said there was no reason why we shouldn’t do an FET. He explained the basics of a frozen transfer to me and once I realized that we could do a bit more scheduling with an FET, with a lot of stuff that’s going on at work, that made my decision a little easier. So Frostie’s coming back to Chicago from the suburbs and we will do the transfer at my home office here in the next few weeks!

My RE answered a looootttt of my other questions after that- one of which was is there any additional testing he feels we should undergo. The only other thing he suggested was to explore the “possible polyp” in my uterus and the slight dip in the top of it. Apparently I have a little something on the bottom (?) of my uterus that there is a good chance would not effect anything but just in case I wanted to leave no stone un=turned we could one of two things. Another saline ultrasound which may or may not confirm anything or a hysteroscopy which would allow him to look inside and possibly fix anything needed. I also asked about an endometrial scratch but he said at this point he didn’t feel it necessary and if anything had to be fixed (the polyp removed, the top straightened out), that would act as a scratch anyway. So! At the end of this month I will be having a hysteroscopy to take a look inside and rule out any possible other issues we could encounter.

I’m so ready to move on. Emotionally, I still have my moments and I grieve for our lost embaby every day but I have a really good feeling about our Frostie.

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