To Our Little One

Hi baby,

I miss you already. I’m confused and hurt and wondering how to even begin to grieve the loss of all the potential that you held in your itty bitty self.

We had so many dreams for you. You were only really with us for a week at most but I had already pictured our future together. My belly growing rounder and rounder to accommodate your growing features. Telling your dad it was time to go to the hospital and seeing him hold you for the first time. Adding your little figure to his tattoo. Carrying you inside asleep after a long car ride. Watching you take your first steps and holding your tiny hand walking down the sidewalk. Trips to the dog beach with your fur brothers who absolutely adored you. Vacations to Disney and home to Long Island. Watching you play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Starting kindergarten, high school, college.

It was so real. You were so real. The most difficult part of all this will be holding that knowledge with us. No one can understand how real you were to us and how much we loved you. To them, you never were. But to us, you always will be.

I love you little one, forever and always.

– Momma


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