Retrieval Recap

I had my retrieval on Friday and it went really well… Actually a lot better than I expected!

Friday morning we arrived in the suburbs around 715am because traffic out there was very light for rush hour traffic. I scored a pumpernickel bagel with butter to have after the procedure (wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before) and then we made our way over to the clinic around 745. Even though our scheduled arrival time was 8am, my clinic is really awesome about taking you back early if you get there early. So by 8am all the paperwork was filled out and we were settled into our little “recovery cube”, me looking super fashionable in my hospital gown and fuzzy socks.

The nurse who was assisting us with all of the anesthesia and other paperwork as incredibly helpful and sweet. (She even humored all of Jon’s borderline inappropriate jokes, which he made as per usual. ) I was super nervous at this point but she got me a warm blanket to keep over me while I waited for everything to get settled in the room where the procedure would be done.

Around 9:05, the anesthesiologist came back to get me to empty my bladder and take me back.The room itself looked like a standard exam room with a little tv positioned just above the bed where I laid down and put my legs up in the stirrups.

They told me I wouldn’t remember much and they were definitely right! I laid down, the doctor put on some Adele for me to relax to and the anesthesiologist inserted the tube into my left hand. About all I remember is feeling the “twilight” anesthesia running around my arm a little bit, feeling like the room was moving and saying “Whoa, this stuff works fast!” The next thing I knew I was awake and being wheeled out of the room!

I promptly passed out again in the recovery chair once they’d tucked me in and the doctor came back to say they retrieved 13 eggs. A little lower than I expected but I was obviously still super happy. A few minutes later, Jon came back from doing his part and helped me sip some ginger ale while they hooked me up to the IV. An hour later we were released to go home and I took yet another nap.

lucky number

As a last minute decision, Jon and I decided to go camping in Michigan for the weekend and while I was super nervous about how sore I’d be, it wound up being a great decision. We left a few hours after the retrieval and were able to relax and take our mind off of things for a full two days. Got some nice fresh air, too!

Despite sleeping on the ground for 2 days (we’d brought an air mattress but our campsite didn’t have electricity), I experienced VERY minimal side effects from my retrieval. I had a little bit of cramping on the day of but other than that I felt, and continue to feel, pretty amazing considering I had a minor surgical procedure done. I contribute a lot of this to the fact that I am only drinking liquids with electrolytes (Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water + Electrolytes & Gatorade) and am following the nurses instructions to eat a lot of salty things and a lot of protein to help speed up the healing process.

On Saturday, the IVF lab called and told us of the 13 retrieved, 9 eggs were mature and 7 fertilized normally! We are absolutely thrilled to have so many little embabies and transfer is on for Wednesday the 20th (ahhhhhh!!!).  I started my Endometrin 3x daily on Saturday and I’ll take my last dose of doxycycline tonight. I should receive instructions tomorrow on when to arrive to the clinic on Wednesday, Valium in hand, and I’ll spend that day and the following 2 days on “couch potato level” bed rest.

In the meantime, I am thinking of my little cell balls constantly and hoping that they are growing nice and strong. Kinda crazy to think that our whole little family might already be made!

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