Trigger & Egg Retrieval!


Yesterday I got the call that I feel like I’d been waiting forever for- my nurse saying IT’S TRIGGER TIME! 26 follicles- biggest measuring 23 and 21, estrogen nice and high, progesterone nice and low and LH rising appropriately.

So at 9pm last night, I mixed up a vial of 10,000iu of HCG and some sterile water and Jon injected it into the “upper quadrant of (my) buttocks”. I was very nervous that it would hurt but he did a great job and I barely felt it. After a few minutes I did feel a little sore, like I could feel the medicine spreading through my body, but lying down and relaxing my leg definitely helped get that feeling to go away. This morning I had lab work done to confirm that the HCG was injected correctly but unless something in my routine has to change, I won’t hear back from the nurse today.

TOMORROW (!!!!) at 9am, I’ll have retrieval. We have to arrive to the clinic by 8am and Jon will do his part when we get there before I go back to have the procedure done. I’m not allowed to drink or eat anything after midnight tonight and before the retrieval itself  and I have to stay in the recovery room for an hour afterwards. Once I get home, I’ll be on bed rest for the rest of the day so I have the full day off.

I think it’s kinda crazy that everything went EXACTLY according to the timeline we’d planned on. From my understanding, that doesn’t happen very often and it even happened with me messing up my meds a little bit.

Something I didn’t share in my first timeline post- if we are able to do a 5 day transfer (fingers crossed so hard!), transfer day will be my birthday! 6 days later is Jon’s birthday so it would be truly incredible if, after all this, we got a double birthday BFP. I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it.  To top it all off- on our way home from a friend’s house to do the trigger shot, we saw a full rainbow right over us. It was just following a big storm that we’d had a few hours early and it was so gorgeous- I’m definitely taking it as a great sign that things are looking up over here and that we’re one step closer to our baby.  🙂

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