Stims Day 9 & Counting


Going strong at day 9 of stims and counting! Hit a little hiccup but still having great results.

Meds Day 6:

Menopur (AM), Ganirelix (AM-more on this one later…),  Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM)

Symptoms Day 6:

A little bloating, a little nausea, a tiny headache and overall feeling “heavy” in my pelvic area but nothing too severe. Extremely tired. Took a three hour nap in addition to sleeping in late and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Tiny Florida shaped bruise is still on my hip.

Meds Day 7:

CarpeMenopur (AM),  Ganirelix (AM),  Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM)

So here’s the hiccup… I was listening to my nurse’s voicemail on Sunday morning to make sure that I had the next day’s instructions all clear before I headed to my monitoring appointment… And realized she told me to start the Ganirelix on SUNDAY rather than FRIDAY like I had! Holy. shit. Cue complete panic attack.

I called the on-call nurse right away and left a voicemail. Luckily, she told me that I’m not the first to have done this and it could definitely be worse- I could’ve taken 2 doses in one day rather than just 2 regular doses 2 days early. She said there was no need to come in early for monitoring, to just stick to my regular appointment for the next day at 6:45 and we’d go from there. Worst case scenario, because the Ganirelix is to delay ovulation, they’d have to up my Menopur/GonalF and/or it might delay the timeline.

Symptoms Day 7:

Same as the day before pretty much. A little anxious obviously because of the Ganirelix situation.

Meds Day 8:

Monitoring Appointment results- After monitoring, they told me I had 21 follicles with the largest measuring at 21 and with a bunch of other ones that were reaching maturity. My nurse tells me at this point to continue the Menopur and Gonal F in the PM and then come back in the morning. I am ecstatic because I thought I had really (excuse my French) fucked up taking that extra Ganirelix. The nurse says I’m still looking right on track though!

Ganirelix (AM),  Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM), Menopur (PM)

Symptoms Day 8:

Light nausea and Monday blues level exhaustion. Hot flashes to a whole new level, especially with it being 90 degrees out. Probably shouldn’t have doneHad some light cramping that was not pleasant at all.

Meds Day 9:

Ganirelix (AM),  Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM), Menopur (PM).

Monitoring goes well again- 25 follicles this time (some must’ve been hiding) and they tell me to continue meds the same as the previous day and come in again tomorrow.

Symptoms Day 9:

A lot of heaviness in the pelvic area. Also noticed that the U/S wand bothered me a lot more. REALLY really tired but probably also from running around the whole day.


Hopefully we’ll be able to do trigger tomorrow or Thursday and retrieval at the end of this week! Praying for lots of strong follicles in there and nice healthy eggs.

North of Wrigley (1)


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