Stims Day 5 Update

Time for a Day 5 Update! Everything’s still going well, starting to get more of the side effects but overall feeling ok.

Meds Day 3:

Menopur (AM), Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM)

Symptoms Day 3:

Still just the minor bloating and a little stinging from the Menopur. I did notice that I had to pee a lot this day too.


Meds Day 4:

Menopur (AM), Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM)

Mixing the Menopur is becoming like second nature, it takes me about a minute now and I don’t even hesitate when I inject it or the GonalF.

Monitoring day! Everything looked great, I had TWENTY FIVE beautiful follicles in there the two lead ones measuring right on track at around 9-10mm. Hormone levels looked perfect so the nurse’s instructions were to keep doing what I’m doing through Sunday, add in Ganirelix, and schedule another appointment for Monday morning. That morning I’ll only do the Ganirelix and then wait for my next set of instructions.

Last night, I set out the next 4 days in my little Ziploc system and I’m ready to go!

Symptoms Day 4:

Nausea was back, a little more bloating and general discomfort. Menopur still burns and maybe even more than Day 3.


Meds Day 5 (Today):

Menopur (AM), *NEW* Ganirelix (AM- Prefilled syringe to prevent the ovulation of all those growing follicles),  Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM)

Symptoms Day 5:

Menopur’s new nickname is officially “Satan’s Powder.” The more I take it, the more it burns. I also think I injected the Ganirelix maybe a little too close to where I put the Menopur.

Super tired this morning. Jon and I both took the antibiotic too early (we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet) and it made both of us super nauseous- just like the nurse said it would! Duly noted! Once we got food in our stomach we were fine.

The bloat is getting real this morning, jeans feeling a little tight in the mid section, and I noticed my first injection site bruise this morning. Hooray for #ivfbattlewounds!


Luckily I haven’t gotten on the “crazy emotional” train ride yet. I have been having a bit of anxiety wondering “What if this doesn’t work either?” But nothing outside of the ordinary. I think I’m finally getting to a place where I can say with confidence that I will make it through this, no matter what the outcome is.

Today my coworker brought in her two beautiful little girls for the morning. She has been very open about having adopted them from DCFS when they were very young and seeing how amazing they are and how proud my coworker is of them just made my day. We had put out the feelers to several adoption agencies during our treatment break, including the state, but hadn’t followed up on any of them. I think I’ll do that today. It has always been a dream of ours to adopt a child or two, regardless of our ability to have biological children, and it was a nice reminder today that we should still do that even if we are able to have bio kids.


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