IVF Update- Meds Started!

It’s finally here! I started my injections yesterday morning and I’m feeling really great and optimistic about it. We enjoyed an awesome 4th of July weekend packed full of fun things (movies, boat rides, bbq, you name it!) and started our IVF cycle with a bang.

Last Glass


So far here’s what’s going on:

Meds Day 1:

Menopur (AM), Doxycycline (AM& PM/ Me and Him), Dexamethasone (AM), GonalF (PM)

I even managed to give myself the Gonal injection in the bathroom at a family friend’s house. I kept it nice and cold on an ice pack in a little tote bag all day and put all the disposables right back in the bag when I was done.

Symptoms Day 1:

None to speak of. My belly felt a little grumbly after I did the first injection and took the dexa. but other than that no bloating, cramping, nausea yet. Hoping of course for minimal symptoms with maximum results but I’ll take all of them if it means that everything’s going the way it should!

The Menopur itself stung a little going in but I think that was from the alcohol swab.


Meds Day 2:

Repeat of Day 1. As I’m writing this, I’ve only done my AM stuff because it’s early in the day- Menopur, 1 antibiotic, one dexa.

Symptoms Day 2: 

Again the stinging with the Menopur and maybe a funky belly? But I really can’t tell whether thats the IVF meds or the one cup of coffee that I had this morning that’s making me feel weird. A little bit nauseous this afternoon (which I managed to quell with an iced white tea from Starbucks and a snack). Oh, and I’m tired but that’s probably from our fun weekend. 🙂


My first monitoring appointment is on Thursday at 6:45am. I am so anxious I can barely concentrate on work today- not sure how I’m going to make it through tomorrow too. Here’s to hoping I have a ton of follies in there with proper growth!

North of Wrigley (1)


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