Here We Go! IVF Update!

Last Friday we had our first nursing consult with the clinic to go over the meds and appointment schedules for IVF! We are incredibly excited to start this journey and hope that this time the stork will FINALLY get around to dropping a baby (or babies!) off at our doorstep 🙂

Our new IVF nurse is really great- she was very impressed with our knowledge of the process already (even Jon’s!) and kept saying “Oh you guys are going to have no issues with this” over and over again. Made me feel super confident in us. They expect us to have a good response to all of the drugs, given my previous results, with the IUIs and injectables, and my age which is so reassuring to hear. Overall, we’re feeling pretty calm about the whole thing- a little anxious about the odds that IVF won’t work for us but overall, yeah. Calm.


The Plan:

So! If you haven’t gotten as far as we have in the IVF process yet, I thought I’d share my schedule so that you can know what to expect. I’ve been lucky enough to have some “IVF mentors” so to speak in friends who have (successfully!) gone through the process but when I was looking at IVF blogs online, I found that I couldn’t find many example timelines. Here’s ours:

June 29th- Stop BCP (T minus 8 days!)

June 30th- Baseline monitoring appointment & bloodwork

July 4th- Start Menopur and Gonal-F; both of us start antibiotics

July 7th- First monitoring appointment post-med start; adjust meds if necessary

July 13th- Possible trigger based on previous response to meds and age. 36 hrs later…

July 15th- Possible retrieval! Hoping for at least 10-20 eggs! (Counted as day 0)

July 16th- First update on fertilization and when we’ll know whether we’re doing a 3 or 5 day transfer

July 20th- Hopefully day 5 transfer!


That’s it! Looking at it up there ^ it doesn’t look like much but I’m sure with the hormones raging, I’ll feel differently. 😉

I think I’ll do daily updates when I’m on the meds to keep track of symptoms and what not. First one will be after my monitoring appointment on the 30th so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading

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