Whole30- 21 Days!

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Today I hit the 21 day mark of my Whole30! Kind of unbelievable to me. And I’m still going strong!

How I’m feeling: AWESOME. No other way to put it, energy levels are sky high, clothes are starting to get really loose and I’m loving the way I look in the mirror. Hubby doesn’t seem to mind either 😉  My skin is also starting to clear up which is a nice little perk.

What I’m eating: I had a great weekend and managed to go to the produce market near us, Stanley’s to pick up an incredible amount of groceries. Look at what I got for $70!!! This should last both Jon and I completely through the week.


My favorite meals this week so far were:

  • Salsa crockpot chicken- I threw a couple of organic chicken thighs in the crockpot with a whole jar of Whole Foods’ 365 brand salsa and put it on low for 8 hours overnight. When I woke up I had delicious, moist shredded chicken to put on a baked potato or eat by itself. Amazing!
  • Pork with cauliflower steaks, asparagus and a roasted red pepper sauce- We had a ton of leftover pork from when Jon smoked it a few days ago and we love our leftovers! So we had that along with some cauliflower steaks (cut your cauliflower into slices instead of florets and grill them in some olive oil), sauteed asparagus and a roasted red pepper sauce


~ To make the sauce: I put some red peppers over the gas burner on my stove to get some nice char marks on the outside. I then put them in a bowl covered with saran wrap to “sweat” the skins off. I also roasted a whole head of garlic and then combined the red peppers, some of the roasted garlic cloves and tahini in the food processor until it was the consistency I wanted.

Challenges of the week: The cravings are starting to go away! My in-laws and hubby ate cinnamon rolls and Swedish bread and all sorts of delicious pastries right in front of me yesterday and you know what? I didn’t even want ONE. BITE. Same with a lot of the other food I’ve been craving. It really just doesn’t seem as appealing any more.

My goal this week is to read up on how to reintroduce some of the foods (like beans and some dairy) in to my diet. I never made it to that part in It Starts with Food and with the 30 day mark fast approaching, I need to!

Also exciting news: I’ve recruited two more people to do my next Whole30 with! The first one is my husband, he’s seen how great I’ve been feeling (and looking) and has decided he wants to get on track with me. And I’ve also recruited one of my good girl friends. Looks like we’ll be starting right after Labor Day weekend!

Have I convinced you to do a Whole30 yet?!

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