Funny Friday

Today’s Blogging101 assignment is to start a regular feature for your blog- I’m still bouncing some ideas around for some regular features (though I think Wishlist Wednesday will make the list), I’m gonna test one out on you guys. If you don’t mind!

Introducing, Funny Friday! Where I share a website/article/picture or something that made me laugh.

Today it was this website:

The Gallery of Regrettable Foods

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I’m very interested in all sorts of reading material about food. So when I stumbled across the article from the Longreads Blog today- When Gelatin Was a Status Symbol, I had to check it out. The article itself is very interesting in and of itself (all about the, in my opinion disgusting, “American icon” we know as a Jell-O Salad), but embedded right at the beginning, the author links to the Gallery of Regrettable Foods.

The Gallery is an entire website dedicated to bad food ideas, as you can probably guess by the same. Examples include:

Clown Pickles

A terrifying ad

This picture of the weirdest looking “Lunch and Brunch” spread I’ve ever seen:

WTAF are those on the plates? Sandwiches?

And this cookbook on how to eat on The Oregon Trail:

Throwback to the PC game anyone?

Check it out! It’s definitely very entertaining to see what people considered appetizing in years past 🙂

What’s the worst dish you’ve ever made/encountered?

North of Wrigley (1)

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