Wishlist Wednesday- Corner Cuttingboard

Hubby and I LOVE to entertain. If there is any kind of special occasion coming up, anything to celebrate, we are usually the ones to host a party. Granted, we do have the largest space of any of our friends currently but it also helps that we are damn good cooks (hey! I don’t mean to brag, ask any one of them!).

This weekend we held a BBQ to celebrate two of our best friends starting their first years as teachers! We are so excited for them and felt we HAD to have everyone over to congratulate them and eat some yummies.

What were weren’t expecting was for all 20 people we invited to show up! That almost NEVER happens because of scheduling conflicts or whatever the case may be. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. We have a decent size space and a back deck which we can expand on to if need be… But it was 90 degrees out so we were all cooped up inside in the air conditionaing.

And what happens when you’re cooped up inside and cooking delicious food? Everyone gravitates towards the kitchen of course 😉 So today for my Wishlist Wednesday is something I wish I had then but will definitely be asking for in the near future:

A corner cutting board!

John Boos Corner Cutting Board

What a genius invention. Especially when you’re pressed for space- to be able to squeeze in anywhere and chop!chop!chop! would be amazing. We have this little dead corner right by the sink which is a good 2 ft of space wasted only because it is a corner and this corner cutting board from John Boos would go perfectly there. I’m telling you, I love this thing so much that if I don’t get it as a gift, I’m going to give it to my husband!

Speaking of which… this couple I know has a first anniversary coming up soon… oh wait! That’s us! Jon- hint hint hint! It might not be the paper gift that you’re supposed to give but wood paper, same thing right? haha

What’s one kitchen gadget that you would love to have around the house? Tell me in the comments!

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One thought on “Wishlist Wednesday- Corner Cuttingboard

  1. Sincerely, Hil says:

    Cute! What a great idea. I hope hubby gets it for you 😉 I would love a new plate set! I know it’s not a gadget but mine are so worn out and old looking. Sigh. One day!

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