Wishlist Wednesday- All-in-One Travel Clutch

I have a confession: I suffer from a very serious, very real condition called…


And for the past few days, no matter what remedy I apply, I just cannot shake it. I spend half of my day day-dreaming about a fabulous vacation (let’s be real here people, I’m thinking Europe) and looking up travel related posts on Pinterest.

If you’re like me, you love to be organized and prepared for anything when you travel. Now that I travel almost exclusively with my hubby (who once told me, when we were first dating, that he would prefer that I carry large purses so that if he needs to store something, he can), that means being prepared for two people. I hope to include some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way in this blog but today, for my very first Wishlist Wednesday!, I thought I’d focus on something I want REALLY bad.

This absolutely adorable All-In-One Travel Wallet (leather!) from MochiThings.

All-in-One Travel Wallet/ via MochiThings.Com

All-in-One Travel Wallet/ via MochiThings.Com

It really epitomizes the perfect travel clutch. Room for keys (if, like us, you’ve started using apartments from sites like AirBNB rather than hotels when you go somewhere), a nice large pocket for travel documents. Just enough room for IDs, credit cards and some cash. It also has a secret pocket at the back with room to store a small notebook- perfect for jotting down the awesome restaurants you visit and the must-sees of your trip!

Because it’s small enough to fit in a purse, there will be no more digging through your bag to find your boarding pass while the woman behind you is tapping her foot impatiently trying to get through security (that woman is usually me and trust me, she will be so happy with you).

Put this at the top of my wishlist!

What’s your must have travel item?

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5 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday- All-in-One Travel Clutch

  1. allirae21 says:

    What a great idea! “Wish list Wednesday!” I love it! My boyfriend definitely does the same thing…and always requests snacks lol. But I love wallets/clutches that I can throw in the purse and then take on its own for an evening out. What a great find!

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