Whole30: Week 1 and Done!


As a Long Island girl who grew up on bagels and buttered rolls, I am about to write a sentence that I never thought I’d utter…


Yup. That’s right, I did it. I’ve completed one week of my Whole30! And you know what? It was not as difficult as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, it was a struggle for sure but I jumped on and off the struggle bus throughout the week so at this point I’m not as exhausted as I thought I should be.

To recap- On Monday, I embarked on a Whole30 challenge. Essentially meaning I would cut out dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, sugar and the rest of “the good stuff” for 30 days to focus on “whole foods” (seafood, meat, veggies, fruits, healthy nuts/oils). The goal is to reset your biological systems for more efficient functioning and to reduce inflammation among other things.

Well, anyone who hasn’t done a Whole30 or even heard of it is probably wondering what the hell I’m eating right about now. So let me tell you (I’ve been very bad at accountability pics but maybe next week)!

Untitled design


For breakfast right now I’m eating a LOT of eggs and potatoes. On Monday night I made myself a giant batch of sweet potato hash with grilled onions and usually I add two eggs over-easy to that and occasionally some bacon. It’s delicious and filling which is super important to me. I also have a coffee (black) alongside.


Lunch right now has been fairly simple, usually a grilled chicken breast or some ground beef I mixed up with sautéed veggies… Both with a side of sauteed veggies. I’ve also been having Larabars, which I’d discovered as part of the OptIn Study and have come to really adore. To drink is usually just water but I’ve picked up some coconut La Croix this weekend which are DELICIOUS, so I plan to include use those this week.


Bless his heart, that husband of mine. He has been sooooo good about helping me to find Whole30 compliant dinners. I did the sweet potato hash on Monday and grilled chicken breasts, Thursday I went out for sushi and was able to have sashimi BUT hubby also made me “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) twice this week using some of the ground beef I had premade as a meat sauce. Ah-may-zing. Might be one of my new favorite dinners. (Pictured below!)


The “Spiroli”- How we make our zucchini noodles! Super easy and fun

The finished product!

The finished product!

So while I have been eating well, I confess I woke up on Thursday morning with a headache so bad I thought my head would split in half. I’m thinking it was most likely sugar withdrawal but it went away with a few ibuprofen. No sign of another one coming on soon either, which I take as a good sign that maybe my body didn’t have all that much detoxing to do?

I would also like to add that I made it through 3 parties this week- 2 at work and one that my in-laws were hosting- without breaking down! I resisted cupcakes, cheesecake, pizza, you name it 🙂

I’m feeling so motivated right now and can’t wait to share how the rest of my challenge goes with you. Have you ever done a Whole30? If you have, feel free to share your favorite recipe in the comments. If not, would you be interested in doing a challenge like this?

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