Intro to Me! Blogging101 1st Post

Hello there! And welcome to my blog!

If you’ve never visited my blog before, welcome. I’m Mally (short for Mallory but not many people call me by my full name). – There’s a little bit about me in the “About” section but as part of our first assignment for Blogging101, which I signed up for in the hopes to find plenty of fresh inspiration, we’re supposed to introduce ourselves.

SO! Without further ado-

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. (No not, Long Island, New Jersey- don’t make that mistake again there’s no such thing. No I don’t know you’re friend’s third cousin who lives in Hempstead- Long Island is over 100 miles long, a lot of people live there. Yes, I’ve got the accent and I talk with my hands. A lot.) I moved to Chicago when I was 18 to attend school at DePaul University and that’s where I met my hubby Jon, junior year. Well sorta, we actually met studying abroad in Dublin Ireland- which I will always maintain is the best place to fall in love 🙂


Howth, Ireland

We have three “fur- babies”- Bruno, our 1 1/2 old French Bulldog, who is my “spirit animal” and probably the most spoiled of the bunch. Travis, our 8 year old rescue pup- who Jon got his freshman year at DePaul- he’s the smartest of our babies and we swear he understands English. And Taigh, the only girl and the prettiest kitty in the world.







I’ve started this blog for many reasons- to share the adventures of a young married couple, as a way to relive the many happy memories we are creating and also to share some of the inspiration I find in my daily life with you all. We love to cook, entertain and travel, so there will definitely be a lot of posts regarding those three subjects as well as I hope to turn this into a lifestyle blog.

Thanks for tuning in!-


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