Mindful Eating

Big news! I’ve hit 20 pounds lost! Very exciting milestone even though it’s not my goal weight, I’m on the right track 🙂

To celebrate, I thought I’d do a post on mindful eating tips, which was my lesson for the Optin study this week. Some of these I already practiced just out of my love for food but others I am finding extremely helpful so I’ll share them with you!

1. Eat in a relaxed atmosphere. For the Tinklers, that is our back porch in the summertime. We’ve recently started a garden filled with fresh herbs and even a few veggies

2. Reflect on your level of hunger. Anyone who’s ever traveled with me or spent an entire day with me knows I am very regimented when it comes to my meals and always have been. I like to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the same time everyday and if that schedule is thrown off- I get kind of cranky (ok ok very cranky). One of my biggest challenges throughout my weight loss journey has been to break that habit and only eat when I’m hungry.  Reflect on where you are on a scale of 1-7 with 1 being “Not hungry at all” and 7 being “As hungry as possible”. How do you know where you are on this scale? Are you hungry or are you actually thirsty? Are you eating out of stress or tiredness? Ask yourself these questions and then go from there.

3. Trying drinking a glass of water first. Many times our body misinterprets thirst for hunger. Drinking a glass of water prior to eating helps your body read its satiety queues better.

4. Focus intently on your food. Appreciate it’s color, texture, smell and taste. Reflect on the time spent with whoever you’re sharing a meal with.

5. Reflect on your fullness, eat slowly. This one goes back to focusing but also pacing yourself so that you don’t overeat. Our body’s take time to realize that they do not need anymore to eat, don’t rush so that you feel so disgustingly full later.

6. Portion your food. As Americans we tend to think our body needs more than it actually does to function. This is not to say that we have to use a measuring cup to portion out everything we need, you can use everyday objects to estimate food portions- the size of your palm is approx 4 oz which is the recommended serving size for meat, etc. – but give smaller portions a try and you might be surprised on how quickly you feel satisfied.

7. Put those plates away! Not wanting to dirty another dish is a huuuuggeee motivator for me surprisingly. I find that if I put my plate right in the dishwasher after I’m done, I’m less likely to help myself to a second portion.

8. Enjoy your indulgences. Have that brownie! Celebrate with a glass of wine! Just don’t have 10 of them.

9. Slow down. Listen to the queues of satiety that your body is giving you

10. Be involved in the process- meal plan and cook your own meals. J and I love to cook- not exactly a secret. But we also really love to try new food so we wind up eating out a lot. Lately, I’ve been using those hundreds of recipes I Pin and those dozens of cooking magazines we get to organize a meal plan and grocery list for ourselves. Not only does it save us money because we’re not just grabbing whatever looks good off the shelves/ eating out but I’m also able to plan my calories for the day ahead of time (Cooking Light recipes are especially awesome for this). There is nothing more rewarding than that first bite of a homemade meal or a “Wow, babe! This is great!” 🙂

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