3 Month Mark!

This week marks the 3 month mark since I’ve started this weight loss program and guess what?! I’ve lost 15 pounds as of today! I’m feeling awesome 🙂

I still have the occasional slip up but overall I’m making healthier choices in my diet and exercise habits. Three of my favorite things that I’ve noticed so far are : a. My clothes are starting to fit better. Yesterday I slid my favorite pair of work pants straight off my hips with no struggle and with room to spare! b. My curves and little hip bones are starting to come through again. and c. I’m finding that my body is naturally rejecting unhealthy things- ie I tried to cheat and have a Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream and sugar instead of skim milk the other day and couldn’t even stomach more than a few sips.

This week’s lesson was all about balancing your thoughts- If you have an unhealthy one, just don’t give up. Try and change your thinking and motivate yourself to move past it.


1) List some of your common thoughts or excuses for negative behavior below.

a. I’m too tired from work to go work out.

b. The weather is crappy and I don’t feel like going outside to go to the gym.

c. Getting together with friends/going out with friends is a perfectly acceptable excuse to splurge.

2) Next, write down a healthier response:

a. Working out will give me more energy and boost my mood.

b. Watching TV inside is not going to get me any closer to my goal, move your butt and get to the car!

c.  One little splurge is ok but too many little splurges can add up. Your friends are supportive and will understand.

Give Yourself Credit:

1) List three positive changes you have made during Opt-IN that have helped you manage your weight and improve your health.

1. I go to the gym a few times a week and stay active on a daily basis. It was never a priority before and now it is.

2. I’m more mindful of what I’m putting into my body.

3. My food portions are much smaller and I don’t eat beyond feeling satisfied.

4. I buy lunch less often which helps us save money each week.

2) Starting today, try to think of or record 1 or 2 things you did right each day. List your credit-worthy behaviors (e.g., “I walked for 30 minutes today…YEAH! I feel great!”) below and write down positive words/phrases to give yourself a pat on the back. Use another sheet if you run out of room!  

Yesterday- Yesterday I was craving a burger so bad but instead we made a protein filled/low fat dinner of chickpeas, tomatoes and carrots on whole grain rice pilaf with a bit of curry powder. Go us! It wound up being very delicious.

Today- During lunch, I stuck to my plan and had a meal replacement instead of buying out.

Tomorrow is my 3 month weigh in! I know I’ve made great progress but I can’t wait to see my measurements most of all.

To a healthier me!


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