If you’re reading this, then you might know that I recently embarked on a weight loss plan as part of a study at Northwestern. It’s a 6 month program, where I’m given a certain calorie and fat gram goal per day and a weekly amount of activity minutes to meet. I’m utilizing various tools as part of the study- including a coach, meal replacements, and “buddy support”- to help me reach my goals.

And I’ve already lost 13 lbs! But I’ve got a long way to go to get where I want to be.

Which is partially why I started this blog. The program gives us helpful lessons every week to read and at the end of the lesson actually asks questions to help us reflect. This week was about staying motivated and I’ve been having trouble with that lately so I’m going to start completing the lessons here! (I’ll probably also rant about how hungry I am in the process lol)

(Assignment 12)- Keeping the Motivation

1. List 2 new specific, short term goals (make them SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Defined)!

A. My first goal for this week is to walk for at least 10-20 minutes before I go to work three days a week. NOT INCLUDING my usually 5 block walk to the train.

B. Try to eliminate the words “Cheat Day” from my vocabulary and focus on my goals.

What will you need to do to accomplish these goals?

 To start, I’ll have to work on getting up just a bit earlier and laying out what I need for the next day the night before. I also need Jon to keep me on track when I try to justify the cheat day! haha

What problems might you come across?

Social events are a big one for me. That’s usually when I splurge. Oh! Also in the next two weeks we’re going on vacation so that might be a problem.Otherwise, I can do pretty well on my own.

 2. List possible rewards:

A mani/pedi       New makeup

A magazine       A new dress

3. Changing up your routine: List two ways you could add variety to your meals and snacks:

1. Add some fruit or cucumbers to my water during the day.

2. Try a new prep method- ie poaching salmon.

List two ways you could add variety to your activity:

1. Walk with friends! (Enlist a workout buddy, any takers?!)

2. Workout outside, I do most of my workouts at the gym and I HAVE to start taking advantage of the beautiful weather we’re (hopefully) about to get.

Wish me luck!


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