Sunday Fundays

If you know my husband Jon and I then you know that we love to entertain. To us there is nothing better than a house full of friends laughing well into the night. With Jon finally starting to follow his passion for the culinary arts, that love has only grown tenfold. That being said, if you know Jon and I then you also know that we are not exactly the tidiest people in the world… especially when Jon gets in the kitchen. So, I’ve finally come up with what appears to be my greatest motivation to getting him to help me clean yet.

Keep the house clean, and we can have people over, not only whenever you want BUT we can have a regular open house on Sunday.

Thus, the idea of Sunday Fundays at The Tinklers came to be. Last week was the first week and since it was so gorgeous out, we had a huge BBQ. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and dips, the works. We had a great turnout and the party that started in the early afternoon lasted until after Game of Thrones.

This week was definitely more low key, with just a few people showing up but nevertheless we were on our A-game with the food.

(Photo Cred: Host The Toast)

(Photo Cred: Host The Toast)

I found this awesome recipe for a Jalapeño Corn Bacon Dip around the Super Bowl on Pinterest that is absolutely to die for. I know it will become a staple once football rolls around again and it was definitely a crowd pleaser for Sunday Funday. You can find the recipe here at Host the Toast! (PS Check out her website for lots of other yummy recipes. Will be making quite a few of them for sure!) Also fun, because I’m currently trying to watch what I eat, I subbed in endive leaves for chips for myself and it turned out great!

Hoping to find some more delicious recipes to share as the Summer of Sunday Fundays continues!

– Mally

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